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You’ve made a significant investment in solar technology; most likely to reduce your electricity bill as much as possible.

EcoKleenSolar, your local Solar Care Professionals, offer solar panel cleaning and inspection services and our #1 priority is to help you achieve your goal of lowering your power costs as much as possible.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and we care about getting you results; which is why we offer the best solar panel cleaning and inspection service and support around.

Your local EcoKleenSolar technician will clean and inspect your panels regularly so that you continue to make more from your investment in solar. You can count on us.

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There are over 1.7 Million solar installations across Australia,
and that adds up to more than 27 Million panels!
(Sept. 2017):


Dirty Solar Panels Are Costing You Money!

If you have owned solar panels for at least six months, you are probably already experiencing decreases in their output.

Anything that prevents or restricts sunlight from entering the solar cells will reduce their capacity to perform at their maximum efficiency.

Salt, dirt, dust, grime, lichen, bird droppings and many other environmental pollutants can dramatically reduce the cell’s efficiency; so it’s very important that you establish and maintain a regular and effective solar panel cleaning program.

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Using state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology, our thermal inspections are a fast, reliable, non-contact way of testing your solar panels and system components for performance anomalies.

solar panel cleaning commercial residential

Doesn’t rain clean them?

You can see in the photo above where the rain water has run through the dirt. Sure, rain will wash some light particles off the surface but, as the rain dries and leaves behind the dirt, pollutants and other solids, it all builds up from the bottom of the frames.
solar panel cleaning commercial residential

It’s the sunlight that counts!

Anything preventing sunlight from getting to the photovoltaic cells in your solar panels means your system is not operating efficiently. Apart from dirt, salt and bird/bat droppings blocking sunlight, other common issues include shadows from nearby trees or even a shadow from your TV aerial. 
solar panel cleaning commercial residential

Birds, birds and more birds!

A solar panel does not need to be completely covered or shaded to become inefficient. Being an electrical circuit, if one area is under-performing then the whole panel (and even a whole ‘string’ of panels) can only perform at the lowest common point. Bird and bat droppings are a consistent reason why owners are not getting the return they expected. 

Why choose EcoKleenSolar?

  • Maximise system output

  • Protect your warranty

  • Maintain your return on investment

  • Maximise energy generation

  • Peace of mind

  • Fully Insured

  • Police checked

  • Certified to Work Safely at Heights

  • De-ionised water ONLY

  • NO chemicals or detergents

  • Locally owned & operated

  • Friendly service

  • Professional contacts for repairs and maintenance

  • National network

  • Industry alliances

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What do our customers say about us?

My solar panels’ performance visibly picked up after a clean, and my windows are crystal clear. In all, excellent value and excellent service. I have no hesitation in recommending Roland.
Karen, Bathurst, NSW
Thanks Damian for almost quadrupling our solar output and pointing out some issues on our roof we were unaware of. We turned our solar water booster off and the water is even hotter than it was before due to the clean. Will make sure we do this again next year. Professional with great service.
Anna, Gold Coast, QLD
Best quality service in town by far!!! Very professional!
Chris, Townsville, QLD
Highly recommend Andrew. Did an awesome job on cleaning our panels today and instantly saw results on power generation. Get behind Andrew and support his business, price very reasonable too. Thanks again.
Donna, Mackay, QLD
Great job, prompt service. Solar panels are back to generating maximum solar power for us. Thank you Ryan.
Julienne, Sunshine Coast, QLD
Great job! Didn’t know how much better they work now thanks.
Tommasina, Perth, WA
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